Monday, July 21, 2014

Laura Wasilowski Retreat

Laura was the featured speaker at our Quilt Guild last week.  We also had a weekend retreat with Laura, what fun!!!  There were about 40 of us. I am posting a few pictures of the start of three projects that also will be the first there of a small series. I uses a piece of Laura's Hand dyed fabric and the rest is my own hand dyed fabric.  I also used one batik.  I love the richness of the hand dyed fabrics.


Maggi said...

They look such fun. I took a class with Laura at our GFuild AGM many years ago - this one was chickens. She is a very entertaining tutor.

Debbie said...

The retreat was so much fun. In the past I have made small series of houses, I will probably make a few more. Laura is a fun instructor. She taught us so many little tricks. The songs were great!