Sunday, April 8, 2012

Empty Spools at Asilomar

I just finished 5 days at Empty Spools.  I had a wonderful class with Jean Wells Keenan.  Jean is very talented and a great teacher.  The projects in the class were amazing, and the talents in the room were very inspiring.  My trip via airlines has been very unpleasant.  My trip to Monterey California took 14 hours, should have only taken about 6 hours which is bad enough, but wait it got worse, my luggage didn't arrive until the next day, lucky for me my cousin and friend was there and loaned me what I needed.  Imagine starting a 5 day class with borrowed everything.  All my inspiration photos were in my suitcase and not with me. Thanks to Suzanne Cox, one of the directors of Empty Spools Seminars went to the Monterey Airport and picked up my luggage.  Shame on the airlines for just letting it sit, airlines certainly have forgotten what cutomer service is.  I think we all need to send a message with how we spend our dollars.